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What is Game Phreakers?

Game Phreakers is a community of gaming enthusiasts, game developers, game modders and programmers.

What can I post?
You can post anything you like with the following exceptions:
  • The content is relevant to the forum
  • Your content is not illegal according to the laws of the EU.
  • The content is not pornographic in nature, this includes "anime" style art of a graphic or explicit nature.
  • You own the content that you are posting, if you do not own said content you need to provide proper attribution to the original author.
  • Links to pirated software ("warez" or "cracks").
  • Links to advertisement (unless approved by a moderator)
  • You may post content relating to the exploitation of software providing the rules of responsible disclosure are followed.
What types of behaviour are unacceptable?

Banter is perfectly acceptable. If you're posting something you created people may be critical of your work, this isn't harassment you're simply getting feedback so you can improve your content.

However continually harassing or stalking members is not. If what you're doing would result in getting punched in the face in real life then don't do it.

Exercise good judgement treat others how you'd like to be treated.

I don't agree with post x, it should be taken down.

If you see a post that you don't think should be there then let the moderation team know. Don't try to enforce the rules yourself that's what mods are for.

I have an issue

Post your problem in the Issues forum and it will be dealt with.